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There is nothing better than knowing you have a solution to any detailing project. All of our selections were created to generate a sense of enjoyment and ease while you are taking an auto to its most preserved state. 

Visit our Forum and ask our experienced technicians questions about detailing autos! 

Its amazing how well an auto from 3 or even 5 decades ago can look so stunning with the proper care. 

We always enjoy a challenge.. its in our detailing nature.. 

Bring on the paint with swirls.. Bring on the interior that needs the works.. 

Stop in  at our store and pick up products that were created for detailing enthusiast.

Our company was only a detailing company for years and we struggled to find products that provided the results we felt the customer deserved so... we created our brand of car care products. Find our brand and much more at your local HPDetailing supply store. 

About us 

In 2009 our company began with a passion to give clients quality that made them remember how much they enjoy their auto at it's best. The company began in a Decatur Alabama suburb drive way with clients from the neighborhood and local shops. We detailed cars, boats, and more at almost any price we could to prove our passion and dedication to the industry. Over the years with God’s help the company persevered and developed a car care brand that is available from “The HPDetailing Store!” Today HPDetailing provides appearance services to the public and commercial companies in the greater area of North Alabama.

Commercial servicing  

Does your company need a vender that specializes in the field? Our team has formatted successful practices for over 10 years in the greater area and can provide your company with a  reliable service that improves your client's experience.


The latest project at HPDetailing has been a solution for fluid transfer. Easily fill you gas operated unit or containers saving time and money with a safer portable electric filling container. 

Auto Detailing supplies on demand 

Be one of many that choose HPDetailing as their choice of professional supplies! From Car wash soaps and Fleet washes to innovative tools that make the job easier, we will deliver your order to your local company or home from our warehouse of auto detailing supplies!

Auto Detailing Specials

The Interior Detail

Machine Polishing 

  10% off 2 amazing packages through 11.25.20!!! Book Today! 

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Sell products that you believe in with confidence. 

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Increase sales margins and create retention traffic by selling quality products that work from your location. 

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The only way we learn more in the field is by learning more about our customers. Share your experience with us!

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Request a product list 

While most items will appear in our online store it may take sometime for new arrivals. We would like to send you a product listing via email if you are interested in our products! 

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