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Tradition that doesn't leave behind the use of Cherry Glow

For those who think soap is simply all soap.. think again. Cherry Glow isn't just any grade of car wash and wax but that which gently lifts surface contaminants while adding wax to the paint's surface safely. Highest rated concentration. 

Does the Red Head always have to be the bold one?

While we want a car wash that safely performs.. sometimes there is the desire for thick suds that coat the paints surface as well. Red head has a thickening formula that created loads of fun for your foam cannon or wash mitt when washing. The carnauba wax in Red Head aids the paint's surface in between waxing. 

The PH Neutral request for Bubbles  

At first glance in using Bubbles everything appears normal.. but hidden in the all so normal appearance of Bubbles is the unique ability to rinse off with ease even if the wash has stayed on the paint's surface for a long period of time. While working on an evening car wash project you don't have to worry about taking a break and coming back to wash what has been washed again.. simply rinse freely and move on! 

Eventually we all face a glue or road tar dilemma that calls for New car Solvent...

New car solvent is what most autos need when there is tar or adhesive involved. Safely removing it of course would be the goal without creating a second issue at hand , so this product becomes a one size fits all product for road grime and residue left from removing a decal. 

What did God put in bugs to make them stick to paint so well? Ah well at least he sent Bug off to help them release so well.  

As the seasons change and the temp rises a common problem while maintaining the appearance of an auto is how to safely lift stubborn bug splatter form paint. Bug off only needs 2 minutes to rest on any painted surface or glass with bugs and it will eliminate your pest problem when washing.  


Oxidation and hard water spots on your glass or paint that just wont budge? Call the agents department and ask for "Agent Quick"

You may become the new owner of a great used car that was someone's daily driver but for us auto enthusiast.. even the daily driver must be perfected at some point! We've never seen a product work so well for hard water spots and oxidation that cant be removed easily. Read the instructions and use safety while using. 

How Blow out becomes your silent set of tools.. 

When you imagine an engine you think of all the different components, shapes, tight places right? The second thought is usually.. well it just takes all the right tools.. but before you imagine too far we would like to place blow out in your hands so that you can simply spray on and rinse away the dirt. Easily clean tires, whitewalls, fender wells, and much more reducing time frames again and again!

Why Mr. Blue becomes your Tire "Hero"

Have you ever pulled up next to a car and noticed their tires out shine yours by at least 5x the difference?

Chances are they have located a professional grade of tire dressing specifically designed to coat the tire with a durable deep shine being the result of use. Mr. Blue was created to not just rival other dressings but to give superior results. You can spray on this dressing without wiping and an applicator is recommended if you wish to reduce Mr. Blue's high shine. 

Add Blue Gloss to Tires and more!

If you would like to put your hands on a plastic bumper coater and the tire dressing with a unique design to reduce product "sling" then Blue Gloss becomes the winner! Works best on tires once they are dry and use of an applicator is recommended. 

The Ultimate water based dressing award goes to Blue Hawaii 

Water base for tires? Absolutely.. if you are choosing Blue Hawaii. Do not let the light blue color fool your choice of dressing.. Blue Hawaii will not only coat a tire well without using an applicator but will also black out fender wells and dress your engine safely like no other water base dressing on the market today. Spray on and let stand then buff in only if you wish to reduce the high powered shine that is present. 

Today we will have a window cleaning contest.. and if we figure out you were using sheen you are disqualified.. 

There is no easy way to explain how sheen reduces time for glass cleaning. It simply works and for those who think that glass cleaning is hard.. you may want to take the easy way out and just add sheen to your favorite selections.

Eliminating smoke film, bugs, and more with Crisp. 

Glass can be so challenging to clean without any residues to face.. So for tougher glass cleaning, Crisp has became the solution for windows that need a powerful film cutting formula. Night or day your glass will appear clear and bug free with the proper use of Crisp glass cleaner. 

"I simply never gave up looking for a product like Sheen  that would make cleaning windows easier."

The Story behind "Lawrence" the detailer is truly a story of faith! Well known as a professional auto detailer in the North Alabama region, when we stopped by to see if he was interested in purchasing auto care supplies he only had one request.. That was to bring him a window cleaner that made cleaning windows easier. We knew he had seen a lot of products over his 30 years in the industry but we will never forget him calling back to make an order that would lead to many more.. To this day he wont use anything else other than Sheen glass cleaner. 

Solving the noticeable with Pure cut. 

While Pure has the ability to remove 1000 grit scratches.. it also leaves you with very little left to do once you have lifted the machine.. Don't be afraid to skip the next level of compound and go right to polishing! Depending on your choice of tool this compound is aggressive if you need it to be but performs well and leaves a nice finish even though its made to level an auto's paint surface. 

Adding Depth with Glacier Cut.

Don't forget to use Glacier if you are taking back a dull surface! This is one of the few compounds with a well integrated polish added to provide brilliant results. If you look for a visible difference from standard finishes add this compound to your project.  

The Cherry wax that is more than just wax. 

Yes its pink.. and yes its cherry.. but guess what else? IT REMOVES SWIRLES! While Cherry wet wax delivers protection and clarity it also will correct common swirls that look challenging to remove. There is no better feeling than being done after making one trip around an auto's paint. 

Glosswax or butter cream banana stuff? 

I guess everyone can call it what they want but if you some how end up waxing in the heat or the coldest of days.. Glosswax goes on easy and comes off almost just as easy leaving a terrific finish with less effort. 

Is that a high polished finish on that car? Oh.. really its something called Speed wax.

To cut straight to the chase Speed wax delivers amazing results behind washing a pain'ts surface or safely lifting light dust particles from a finished surface. Formulated with actual carnauba wax it also has the unique ability to hide imperfections leaving the surface reflective. 


Don't we all hope for a product that is worthy of the name Longevity?

From hiding imperfections to providing great weather protection.. Longevity packs a superior punch to sealing paint with a great product. Use "Longevity" to seal paint with a  durable coat as well as headlamps for a final coat of protection to shield against UV rays and more. Leaves paint with a durable reflective finish. 

Aqua Seal is voted #1 for the detailer that says.. I want liquid sealant but will it go on and come off really easy?

Get ready for a paint beading contest because aqua seal's "easy on and off" durable coat will protect paint with visual results that last. Show off your new product that works well and makes sealing paint another victory to enjoy telling. 

I searched for you for so many years... Armor XV ceramic spray is that you?

For those who have never seen protection in it thinnest form.. Here is a spray on sealant that will leave your car with a strong easy coat of ceramic that looks like it took days to do! We dare you to try our most innovative product available!