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An incredible opportunity awaits your location!

Our team believes in the HPDetailing brand after years of testing and experiencing amazing results with our clients and receiving feed back from clients that we were selling products to as well at the time. In the early years of the company we did not use top shelf products and we weren't the only ones that seemed to have the unfortunate problem. Shortly after the formatting of HPDetailing products our shops began to meet deadlines and bring back autos that could not be restored without a brand that was created to specifically deliver results.  We currently offer our products to local retailers and we are now in over 40 locations. We understand that most retailers look to see 35-50% mark up and our brand certainly fits as an ideal way to drive new foot traffic and increase sales margins! Contact us today at 1-800-460-2836 or 256-580-5700 to schedule a meeting for your location.

Why do our products sell?

The number one reason that our products sell is that they truly make the process of cleaning or protecting an auto easier. Our products were designed with the end user in mind and we always pray to continue to contribute to an industry that seems to keep growing with every year. 


As the population grows each year so does the amount of transportation. Autos are in most cases the second most expensive purchase that most people  make. We have made it our passion to provide a brand of products that will help customers keep their autos protected and well maintained.  Contact us today about details on distributing HPDetailing products. We currently have over 50 selections and 3 display versions!