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Kavaca PPF is a high performance aliphatic polyurethane film, it is specially designed to protect painted surfaces from abrasion, corrosion, chemicals, and other types of physical damages. 

Self-Healing film and the most durable level of protection from rocks scratches, and sun fading. 

Level 1

Front bumper, partial hood, partial fender, and side mirrors.  

Level 2 

Front bumper, Full fenders, Full hood, and side mirrors.

Level 3 

Full paint protection from the front to the back of all painted portions of the auto. 

Please request a price for your specific year, make, and model.

Frequently asked questions: 

How long does the installation take? Usually it is a two day process if you are only requesting film installation. 

Is there a guarantee on the installation? Absolutely!  Your film should stay in place once installed and we provide a lifetime guarantee on the film installation. 

Will my film have cover to the edge of each panel? The answer is yes. While requiring additional effort and film our installations are performed with "wrapped" edges leaving your film with the highest level of appeal we can offer. 

Do I need to have the film coated for additional protection? The film used on all installations is infused with Si02 so no additional coating is required. 

What does self healing mean for my paint protection film? Almost anything that doesn't break the film on impact will simply self level removing the visible difference that was in your film before with any assistance needed.