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Our Detailing Packages

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Wash and carnauba seal

Your auto is gently hand washed with wash and wax solution then dried with a synthetic chamois. The paint is then sealed with carnauba spray. Package also comes with glass cleaning and tire dressing.

Car $38.50 Truck $42.50 Suv $45.50

Express Detail

This package comes with the wash and carnauba seal, interior vacuuming, and light traffic stain removal. Your dash and console will be conditioned with our rich grade of conditioner. Package also comes with glass cleaning and tire dressing.

Car $55.00 Truck $75.50 Suv $82.50

The Full Service Detail

Our Full Service detail starts with a full auto preparation for the toughest to reach portions that you truly enjoy once they are clean. This package includes: Exterior washing, fender well wash/ treatment, road tar removal, basic headlight treatment with added protection, full upholstery cleaning (steam cleaner used to clean and sanitize), vinyl /plastic/leather conditioned, and exterior paint is sealed with our house gloss wax applied with a dual action polisher. Engine is detailed, windows/ glass cleaned and tires dressed.

Car $155.00 Truck $165.00 SUV $175.00

Additional cleaning and time may be recommended based on the condition of your auto. We may contact you before completing your service and recommend our additional cleaning to apply the correct time frame to successfully complete your detailing service. 

starts at $100.00

Ceramic Coating

If you look to provide your auto with the most superior and innovative protection available today then Ceramic Coating is the correct choice. Your auto is first evaluated for necessary surface restorations, like swirls, scratches, faded plastic moldings and other areas that may need correcting prior to ceramic coating. Once the process has started your paint is cleaned and cut with a surface leveling compound to remove the largest scale of scratches in the paint's surface. The next step is to polish and refine any remaining imperfections for the highest level of clarity for your paint's surface. The last step is to add a pre-sealing solution that will aid the ceramic for the most durable protection that will last.

Starting price:

Car $595.00 Truck $645.00 SUV $665.00

Total Surface Machine Polishing

Your auto is first hand washed with our ph neutral wash agent then dried with a synthetic chamois. Next the paint is corrected with our surface leveler and then polished with cherry swirl remover. Each panel is verified under our superior led lighting and your windows are cleaned and tires dressed. Please note we will provide you with an estimate if your paint needs to be wet sanded prior to correction for better results.

Car $195.00 Truck $220.00 Suv $255.00

The Ultimate Detail

If you need a full detail and paint corrections as well then the Ultimate Detail allows you to pair and save. This package may also be used to cover additional time needed for full service detailing that requires more time to complete the detail(two day service) due to the amount of cleaning required to finish the service.

Car $295.00 Truck $315.00 Suv $335.00

Other Packages

Headlamp restoration - $59.99

Interior cleaning - Car $95.00 Truck $98.50 Suv $105.50

Odor removal Starts at $65.00

Fabric Guard

Experience excellent protection while owning an auto with cloth interior. Our fabric protection allows you to clean up spills and accidents when you have the time and leave your fabric the way it should be! The innovative protection is a must for those who enjoy a clean auto.

Car $49.99 Truck $54.99 Suv $59.99  

The Auto Valet Detail (Currently unavailable)

 Your auto will be washed with our ph balanced wash and wax and then the exterior is sprayed with our armor xv liquid sealer(excellent protection for bugs and road debris). The interior will be vacuumed, sanitized, and wiped down. You will also be provided with a choice of scent for the auto's interior that is used in the cleaning process to provide a neutralized fresh scent to the auto. The fender wells are sprayed with undercoating protection and dressed with our durable water based Blue Hawaii. The tires are dressed and the windows are cleaned as well.

Scents available:

New Car

Fresh and clean

Spring Fresh

Cherry Air Freshener 

Car $44.00 Truck $54.50 Suv $62.50

Winter Wax Special (Currently unavailable)

 The greatest thing about our winter wax special this fall is that your auto also receives an additional 2 step sealer as well! Some say I need a "hard wax" but we have figured over the years that it simply means they want their wax to last! The auto is washed with our red head wash and wax and then waxed with very cherry wet wax. Next the auto is sealed with longevity paint sealer and then sprayed with our final step armor xv sealer as well. We will be offering an interior vacuum and interior/exterior window cleaning complementary to this offer.

Car $85.00 Truck $85.00 Suv $85.00

Interior Detailing Specialty 

Interior dying: Seats, carpet, dash and other components. 

Note - Auto must be present to provide an accurate estimate 

Boat auto Detailing packages 

Enjoyable trip out 

This package includes an exterior wash with 1 step wax protection. The interior is cleaned and any vinyl seats are conditioned with uv ray protection. Trailer tires are cleaned and dressed along with any boat rubber along the boat. Glass is then cleaned and a final exterior spray sealer is sprayed on the boat's surface to reduce oxidation and staining for the next trip out. 

0-20 Foot boats $295.00  21-35 boats $325.00

Boat lovers detail 

The Boat lovers detail starts off with an exterior wash and then the exterior gel coat or painted surface is polished with compound and surface cleaner. The next step is to add wax and longevity sealer for a durable barrier.  Vinyl letters/ trims are cleaned and restored with protective sealer and rubber moldings are conditioned with flexible seal coating. This detail also includes engine area cleaning with protection provided on any lower rear areas to reduce staining. The interior of the boat is cleaned and checked for mildew for removal then conditioned with uv ray protective dressings. The Glass and clusters are cleaned and our special water repellent is added to the glass to reduce hard water spotting. Chrome areas are cleaned and treated and the tires are dressed. The last part of the detail is to add a final spray sealer on the boat's surface to help the 3 step protection reduce oxidation and staining for trips out on the water. 

0-20 Foot boats $375.00  21-35 foot boats $455.00