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Wash and carnauba seal 

Your auto is gently hand washed with wash and wax solution then dried with a synthetic chamois. The paint is then sealed with carnauba spray. Package also comes with glass cleaning and tire dressing. 

Car  $38.50     Truck  $42.50   Suv  $45.50


Express Detail 

This package comes with the wash and carnauba seal, interior vacuuming, and light traffic stain removal. Your dash and console will be conditioned with our rich grade of conditioner. Package also comes with glass cleaning and tire dressing. 

Car $55.00   Truck  $75.50   Suv  $82.50

The Full Service Detail 

Our Full Service detail starts with a full auto preparation for the toughest to reach portions that you truly enjoy once they are clean. This package includes: Exterior washing, fender well wash/ treatment, road tar removal, basic headlight treatment with added protection, full upholstery cleaning (steam cleaner used to clean and sanitize), vinyl /plastic/leather conditioned, and exterior paint is sealed with our house gloss wax applied with a dual action polisher. Engine is detailed, windows/ glass cleaned and tires dressed. 

Car  $155.00   Truck  $165.00  SUV  $175.00

Total Surface Machine Polishing 

Your auto is first hand washed with our ph neutral wash agent then dried with a synthetic chamois. Next the paint is corrected with our surface leveler and then polished with cherry swirl remover. Each panel is verified under our superior led lighting and your windows are cleaned and tires dressed. Please note we will provide you with an estimate if your paint needs to be wet sanded prior to correction for better results. 

Car  $195.00   Truck $220.00  Suv  $255.00

The Ultimate Detail

If you need a full detail and paint corrections as well then the Ultimate Detail allows you to pair and save.

Car  $295.00   Truck $315.00  Suv  $335.00 

Other Packages

Headlamp restoration - $59.99

Interior cleaning - Car $95.00  Truck  $98.50  Suv $105.50

Odor removal Starts at $65.00 

Interior Detailing Specialty 

Interior dying: Seats, carpet, dash and other components. 

Note - Auto must be present to provide an accurate estimate 

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