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1 absolutely remarkable principle when it comes to vinyl and leather that we learned from a legend. You will be incredibly shocked when you find out what they shared with us!  1/12/23

As the years passed by, we have had the opportunity to meet so many great clients. Today we simply couldn't just tell you a handful of favorites because when it comes to auto care enthusiasts it's as if you find out something so great about most clients you meet. Before we added ceramic interior protection as a service, the client we want to tell you about had several exterior coatings installed by us and eventually purchased a new Lexus SUV that had perhaps the most beautiful bright red leather we had seen at that time. In between talking about their new investment on one of their routine visits they shared with us a few cool facts about their past in the auto restoration industry. Eventually during one visit they shared about how they had even painted numerous rare cars shipped directly to their restoration store, especially "Porsches" that would be shipped to them to be professionally refinished for celebrities. Paint work for Jerry Seinfeld maybe? Well, we will leave that guess up to you! Our client would always mention that it's time to have their leather conditioned again and it would be about 2 months since their previous visit. So, we would of course say sure and detail the newer Suv again conditioning the bright leather that stayed in absolutely amazing condition.

We hope that the story was as much fun for you as it was for us to share but the real thing, we wanted to focus on was that this retired legend saw the value in quality protection for their new leather seats. I feel bad writing this next line, but we didn't give enough credit to just how important the conditioning aspect is to auto detailing until our client demonstrated it by mentioning what their primary reason was for their next detailing appointment. It also let us know that without a doubt they appreciated the quality that was delivered by the conditioners that were being used. From that point on we began to take a much closer look at various vehicles and the noticeable difference between leather/vinyl that may have aged differently over the years, some with protection and obviously some without enough protection. Did you know that conditioning your seats once a month could keep the leather in absolutely immaculate condition in some cases? Without it abrasion, loss of color, and leather becoming more brittle could become something that sneaks in on your once so nice leather seats. For the pros reading this the same goes for your client's autos as well that count on you for protection. We offer a few products that have really become favorites with customers we detail for and of course clients that enjoy detailing as well. Two products that we use on leather to keep seats hydrated and softer even to the touch are BTS protectant and Leather pro. Both products work extremely well and provide a charming leather scent to the vehicle as well. Using the right microfiber pad makes a huge difference with installation and allows you to equally distribute the level of shine that may be to you or your client's taste. Medium pressure will leave a lower level of shine on the surface and lighter pressure leaves a more rich and coated appearance. Letting the leather or vinyl dry for about 5 to 10 minutes with the conditioner is not required but something we do (for older leather) before returning again if we want to add two coats. This doesn't cover leather and vinyl that needs deep cleaning but stay tuned detail enthusiasts because we plan to share that with you soon!  

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