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Solving the noticeable with Pure cut. 

While Pure cut has the ability to remove 1000 grit scratches.. it also leaves you with very little left to do once you have lifted the machine.. Use Pure cut to remove medium to heavy scratches from any painted surface and if you have a high powered led light then get ready to go the distance because Pure cut compound will take you there for those who crave perfection! 

Adding Depth with Glacier Cut.

Don't forget to use Glacier if you are taking back a dull surface! This is one of the few compounds with an innovative additive added so that as you remove imperfections and scratches the finish suddenly becomes very reflective as well. If you look for a visible difference from traditional compounds then add this unique compound to your project.  

The Cherry wax that is more than just wax. 

Yes its pink.. and yes its cherry.. but guess what else? IT REMOVES SWIRLES! While Cherry wet wax delivers protection and clarity it also will correct common swirls that look challenging to remove. There is no better feeling than being done after making one trip around an auto's finish!  

Glosswax or butter cream banana stuff? 

I guess everyone can call it what they want but if you some how end up waxing in the heat or the coldest of days.. Glosswax goes on easy and comes off just as easy leaving a terrific finish with less effort. Premium grade wax 

Is that a high polished finish on that car? Oh.. really its something called Speed wax.

To cut straight to the chase Speed wax delivers amazing results behind washing a pain'ts surface or safely lifting light dust particles from a finished surface. Formulated with actual carnauba wax it also has the unique ability to hide imperfections leaving the surface reflective. Product also beads water. 


Don't we all hope for a product that is worthy of the name Longevity?

From hiding imperfections to providing great weather protection.. Longevity packs a superior punch to sealing paint with a great product. Use "Longevity" to seal paint with a  durable coat as well as headlamps for a final coat of protection to shield against UV rays and more. Leaves paint with a durable reflective finish. 

Aqua Seal is voted #1 for the detailer that says.. I want liquid sealant but will it go on and come off really easy?

Get ready for a paint beading contest because aqua seal's "easy on and off" durable coat will protect paint with visual results that last. Show off your new product that works well and makes sealing paint another victory to enjoy telling. 

I searched for you for so many years... Armor XV ceramic spray is that you?

For those who have never seen protection in it thinnest form.. Here is a spray on sealant that will leave your car with a strong easy coat of ceramic that looks like it took days to do! We dare you to try our most innovative product available!